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It’s not enough…..

You are never quite satisfied with who you are and with what you have because you have been distracted. You have been directed where nature has not meant you to be. You are not realizing your own potential. You are becoming what others want you to be, but it cannot be satisfying. When it’s not satisfying, logic says, ‘perhaps it’s not enough- have more if it.’ Then you go after more and start looking around. 

Everybody you encounter appears with a mask which is smiling, happy looking, so everybody is deceiving everybody else. You too appear with your mask and others think you are happier; you think others are happier. The grass looks greener, thicker and better on the other side. That is the illusion that distance creates.

When you come close, then you start

seeing that it is not so. But people always keep each other at distance. Even friends, lovers keep distance; too much closeness will be dangerous, they may see your reality. And you have been misguided from the very beginning, so whatever you do will remain miserable. You see someone with much money: you think perhaps money brings joy. Look at that person, how joyous he seems to be. So run after money. Somebody is healthier, run after health. Somebody is doing something else and looks very contented, follow him. But it’s always the others.

So just be yourself, and then there is no misery, no competition and no botheration that others have more….


Blame it on others

​The blame game – what’s it all about?
Do you find yourself blaming others for your feelings? Discover how you are actually causing your own feelings of anger or hurt and what you can do differently.
Take a moment to think about who you blame for your feelings of hurt, anger, resentment, aloneness, emptiness, inadequacy, shame, depression, anxiety, fear and so on. What is really going on inside when you blame someone else for your feelings?
Many people have a strong belief that other people are the cause of their feelings — that they are victims of others’ choices — so they have a right to blame others. The belief that others cause your feelings generally starts early in childhood when parents blamed each other, or you, for their feelings. Most people do not grow up seeing parents or other caregivers take responsibility for causing or managing their own feelings. Nor do they see people learning from their feelings. Instead, they see people avoiding their feelings in various ways, such as using addictions to numb them out, or using blame to dump them onto others.
If you have a deep belief that others cause many of your feelings, then it seems only right to blame them for causing your pain or not making you happy. When you come from this belief, the only way you can move out of feeling like a victim is to try to control the other person into not doing the thing that you think is causing your pain, or to do the thing that you think will make you happy.
Blame is always a form of control that originates in the wounded part of oneself that hates to feel helpless. Rather than accept your powerlessness over others’ choices, you convince yourself that if you blame the other person, you can get the other to behave the way you want.
The problem is that the belief that others cause all of your feelings is not true. While others can cause feelings such as loneliness and heartbreak — what we call ‘core feelings,’ they do not cause your aloneness, emptiness, anxiety, depression, guilt or shame.
For example, let’s say that you come home after a difficult day wanting to share your day with your partner and your partner is on the phone. You indicate that you want to speak with him/her but your partner keeps talking on the phone. If you end up feeling hurt and angry, it is easy to believe that it is your partner’s neglect that is causing your hurt and anger. But let’s take two different inner reactions to see what is really causing these feelings.
You say to yourself, “My partner doesn’t care about me. I’m not important to him/her.”

If this is what you say to yourself, then of course you will feel hurt and angry, but it is not because of what your partner is doing — it is because of what you are telling yourself. Once you make the assumption that your partner’s behavior indicates a lack of caring, you might overtly blame your partner for your feelings by getting angry, or you might covertly blame by shutting down, punishing your partner through withdrawing your love.
You say to yourself, “My partner is busy right now with something important to him/her, so I will take this opportunity to relax and decompress so we can have a nice time later sharing the events of our day.”

If this is what you say to yourself, then you would not end up feeling hurt and angry, and you would not blame and punish your partner.
Let’s take another situation. You have picked up something at the hardware store for the house and your partner blames you for getting the wrong thing, saying, “This is not what I told you to get. Can’t you ever do anything right?”
In this case, your partner has judged you as being inadequate or stupid. You feel hurt at being treated badly and you lash out in blame, “I just got what you told me to get. You are a bad communicator. There’s never any pleasing you.”
Doesn’t it seem logical that your anger and hurt are coming from your partner’s judgment of you?
If you said to yourself, “I’m inadequate, I’m stupid,” then you will feel hurt and angry. However, if you said to yourself, “It looks like my partner had a bad day,” and didn’t take your partner’s blame personally, you might feel compassion instead of hurt and anger. You might respond with, “Honey, have you had a difficult day?”
Blaming another is always a way to avoid responsibility for what you are telling yourself and how you are treating yourself that may be causing your feelings.

“Inner bonding really nurtures and fosters the relationship between self and spirit. Personally, it has helped every relationship that I have. I’m so grateful to Margaret for bringing inner bonding to people in the generous, nurturing way that she has.”
– Alanis Morissette

Ex Girlfriend

I have an ex girlfriend, reluctantly accepted as ‘ex’ by me after lot of emotional bashing, avoidance and cold treatment inflicted on me by her. It just came to my mind that remembering someone is easier than wholeheartedly and doggedly avoiding somebody. The latter is more engrossing and involving and while trying to forget somebody you are actually thinking of that person all the time. I wish I could say that to her and see her reaction.

So all the while she is ignoring me I am gloating over the knowledge that she is thinking of me. 😁😁😆😑

Dealing with depression of a loved one

Depression is a big word having different meaning for different people. We use it loosely in daily basis for describing a sad or lonely person. Sadness and depression are not the same. Sadness for no real reason or prolonged periods of staying alone and aloof or indifferent to other’s feelings regardlessly may be signs of mild depression. It’s only when it starts affecting those around the depressed person do we really understand that the person is d3pressed.

The malady started way back, it’s only that we realize it when it affects us. So actually the rotting is there for some time but it’s the stink that arises from it in the ripe stage that we get to know how far it has taken hold of our beloved.

Signs to look for if you think that your beloved is succumbing to depression are:

😢 Unexplained sadness

Withdrawal from daily chores

You feel wary of expressing your views for fear of being misunderstood

You feel there is more of restraint in voicing opinion

You suffer in their silence and indifference

Helplessness in helping your beloved

Failure of the depressed to acknowledge that there’s a problem

The reasons for depression are usually a deep sense of loss of some person or thing. You cannot help in a tangible way till the time the person accepts that there is a problem. The more you try to tell her/him that there is a problem within them and not outside, the more you push them away from yourself. It’s not easy to be happy with a depressed person. In the process of trying to appease them you hurt yourself irreversibly because to do so you have to put yourself’s interest as second. I believe we forgive easily than we forget. Some episodes may leave an indelible mark on your soul.

It’s best to leave the counselling and therapy for depression to the counsellors and trained psychotherapists to avoid getting caught up in the whole thing. Never bite more than you can chew. Good Intentions do not necessarily translate into good results. 

So I leave a word of caution and advice and wish you luck and happy times.

Mental illness is just like physical illness only less apparent but more dangerous if left untended.

Following people and blogs

I am trying to find my footing in the world of blogging. I have realized that I must decide what I want to share with people and then write something daily. This blogging was meant to be a catharsis of sorts for me. It is admittedly selfish 😉 but true. Now the venting out is not successful if nobody is hearing you. I have often noted that we (here, I’m making you all a party to this) love to crib……. cribbing  feeds our sense of self-pity and misleads us to believe that we have been wronged by others. This stems from our feeling of not getting what we deserve, and giving more than we are receiving. This further rises from the feeling that we are not responsible for our misery.

I realize I have digressed from the topic. Well do give your feedback.

Wanted, a life

🎶मैं भी जवां तू भी जवां, कमी है किस बात की 🎶🎼🎼🎶🎶

Jazbaat ki, she muttered to herself, smiling at the irony. ” I just want to be alone” he had said after much cajoling and instigation by her to end a silent cold war between them since long. “Ok ! If this is what you want” she stated resignedly.

There was hope in her heart that maybe he would realise how futile it was to stay to oneself. Never had she expected that she would have such a difficult partner, she preferred the word  ‘difficult’ than another stronger and decisive word, being the undying hopeful that she was. Life was not always as dreary as this but such episodes took her attention, or say broke her reverie making her think about all which she had dreamed of having. Her first priority was love and respect, both of which she could not earn from him. The facade was there but the basic signs were amiss. Being a person who focused on small things more than the larger picture, the missing details would bother her often. Yes, she did live the story and usually made believe that she was loved and cared for. Cared more than loved, she thought. Her friends would tell her how lucky she was to have her say in her house, that she was not afraid to be as she pleased and he never imposed his will or interfered in her matters. Uh! If only they knew that she considered this freedom of action and thought more as ” it’s your life, live it your way” He would never understand or accept her views if they didn’t suit his ways.

She remembers finding happiness in doing and supporting deeds which brought him happiness or were supposed to do so. Things, which did not come to her naturally, she would make a habit to suit the environment at home. Maybe she was wrong in trying to make everybody happy. She was in an involuntary downslide, where no matter how hard she tried the happiness remained elusive. Being well read, she knew that happiness is internal and not derived from external sources yet she herself had no clue of realising this. She was caught in  trap of laziness and procrastination. With only herself to blame, she kept hoping that one day things would change while all the time failing to understand that the only thing she could change was herself. Change does not come easy, not for her at least.

Once Again


कल एक बार फिर एक रावण ने दूसरे रावण को जलाया।

जिस नेता ने कल रावण को आग लगायी वो खुद किसी रावण से कम नहीं है। कॉलोनी के बड़े बुज़ुर्गो को पूछो तो पता चलता है उसके कुकर्मों का हिसाब। कब तक हम लोग खुद को राम समझकर अपने जैसे रावणो को जलाते रहेंगे। आज ज़रूरत है तो खुद के अंदर के रावण को मारने की। केवल एक पुतले को आग लगने से कुछ नहीं होगा बल्कि अपनी बुराइयों को पहचानकर उन्हें ख़त्म करना होगा।

आओ एक कदम अपने अंदर के रावण को मारने की ओर बढ़ाएं।