Monthly Archives: March 2017

It’s not enough…..

You are never quite satisfied with who you are and with what you have because you have been distracted. You have been directed where nature has not meant you to be. You are not realizing your own potential. You are becoming what others want you to be, but it cannot be satisfying. When it’s not satisfying, logic says, ‘perhaps it’s not enough- have more if it.’ Then you go after more and start looking around. 

Everybody you encounter appears with a mask which is smiling, happy looking, so everybody is deceiving everybody else. You too appear with your mask and others think you are happier; you think others are happier. The grass looks greener, thicker and better on the other side. That is the illusion that distance creates.

When you come close, then you start

seeing that it is not so. But people always keep each other at distance. Even friends, lovers keep distance; too much closeness will be dangerous, they may see your reality. And you have been misguided from the very beginning, so whatever you do will remain miserable. You see someone with much money: you think perhaps money brings joy. Look at that person, how joyous he seems to be. So run after money. Somebody is healthier, run after health. Somebody is doing something else and looks very contented, follow him. But it’s always the others.

So just be yourself, and then there is no misery, no competition and no botheration that others have more….