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Dealing with depression of a loved one

Depression is a big word having different meaning for different people. We use it loosely in daily basis for describing a sad or lonely person. Sadness and depression are not the same. Sadness for no real reason or prolonged periods of staying alone and aloof or indifferent to other’s feelings regardlessly may be signs of mild depression. It’s only when it starts affecting those around the depressed person do we really understand that the person is d3pressed.

The malady started way back, it’s only that we realize it when it affects us. So actually the rotting is there for some time but it’s the stink that arises from it in the ripe stage that we get to know how far it has taken hold of our beloved.

Signs to look for if you think that your beloved is succumbing to depression are:

😢 Unexplained sadness

Withdrawal from daily chores

You feel wary of expressing your views for fear of being misunderstood

You feel there is more of restraint in voicing opinion

You suffer in their silence and indifference

Helplessness in helping your beloved

Failure of the depressed to acknowledge that there’s a problem

The reasons for depression are usually a deep sense of loss of some person or thing. You cannot help in a tangible way till the time the person accepts that there is a problem. The more you try to tell her/him that there is a problem within them and not outside, the more you push them away from yourself. It’s not easy to be happy with a depressed person. In the process of trying to appease them you hurt yourself irreversibly because to do so you have to put yourself’s interest as second. I believe we forgive easily than we forget. Some episodes may leave an indelible mark on your soul.

It’s best to leave the counselling and therapy for depression to the counsellors and trained psychotherapists to avoid getting caught up in the whole thing. Never bite more than you can chew. Good Intentions do not necessarily translate into good results. 

So I leave a word of caution and advice and wish you luck and happy times.

Mental illness is just like physical illness only less apparent but more dangerous if left untended.